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Education Authority

The outcome of this project (EA) is the establishment of a single education authority for Northern Ireland

Project Description

The Department of Education Minister brought forward an Education Authority Bill to address the challenges which the five education and library Boards face following the creation of the new 11 council areas in Northern Ireland.

The outcome of this project (EA) is the establishment of a single education authority for Northern Ireland merging the five education and library boards and the Staff Commission. The benefits are:

  • A single body and employer of c.39,000 staff
  • A simple body to support and deliver ministerial policies with and through the c. 1,200 schools across Northern Ireland
  • Co-terminus with the new 11 council areas
  • Greater efficiency would ensure that much needed funds can be directed to front line services.

Project Status

December 2015: Transitioning to Steady State

  • The creation of EA was successfully achieved on April 1 2015.
  • Business continuity during the time of change is the priority
  • The Board and its committees are fully operational
  • An interim management structure, building on the inherited ELB structures was put in place and exists until the appointment of the Directors
  • Offers of the positions of Directors will issue after Christmas
  • Transitioning to the next stage (final) of the change programme will over following the directors appointment
  • Recruitment and selection of the Assistant Directors will commence
  • Creation  of single regional functional areas under the Directorates structure will continue, moving away from the inherited geographic structure
  • This is supported by the continuation of the Voluntary Severance programme with some 125 staff expressing their preference to accept the offer with further applicants released while structuring single service areas

SIB Involvement

SIB has six members of staff employed into the EA implementation team, including the Change Director and the Operations and Estates Director.


For further information contact

Head of Education Reform Pat O’Neill

T 02890 699171 E

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