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Electric Cars (ecarNI)

An infrastructure which means that around 334 electric vehicle charging points are now available at 174 different locations across NI.

Project Description

The ecarNI Project was created in order to bring the growing electric vehicle (EV) market to Northern Ireland (NI).  ecarNI has installed an extensive electric vehicle charging infrastructure in NI. The introduction of this infrastructure means that around 450 electric vehicle charging points are now available at over 220 different locations across NI.

Electric vehicles are revolutionising the way people think about cars. With no tail-pipe CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, the electric car is a step towards a more sustainable future. Pure electric vehicles use no petrol and no diesel. With fuel costs being a cause of concern to many, the switch to electric vehicles is becoming more appealing.

In addition to the infrastructure and associated IT systems ecarNI Phase 1 delivered a series of marketing initiatives, including a dedicated website and phone app, a number of events and driveshows, an SBRI project to develop mobile phone applications to encourage the update of EVs, a series of videos, and dedicated social media portals. The ecarNI Project also successfully received EU TEN-T funding alongside ESB ecars to install rapid charge points under the ‘International Green Highways’ project.

ecarNI has now advanced to Phase 2 which focuses on the handover of the network operation to the electricity sector, commercialisation of the current ecar infrastructure, and provides continued support to the innovation and development of the growing ultra low emission vehicle sector within NI.  The project also reaches out to new funding opportunities such as the Northern Ireland ‘Go Ultra Low’ bid to implement measures to encourage the uptake of EV’s throughout the region.

Primary Objectives

To bring  the electric vehicle market to Northern Ireland, in a cross-Departmental, cross-industry, and international cross-border initiative.

Project Status

  • March 2015: Near completion

SIB Involvement

  • SIB is providing the project manager.
Electric Car Charging