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Jennifer Morgan

Construction Programme Manager

Jennifer Morgan

At the Strategic Investment Board there is the opportunity to shape projects from inception to completion, working alongside departments and the private and 3rd sectors.  I feel this gives us the opportunity to shape processes and offer better value to the department.

The atmosphere and ethos at the Strategic Investment Board is positive – staff are trusted to do their jobs.  Process is balanced with autonomy and the ability to get things done.  I work with people who are experts in their fields, dynamic interesting people who wish to share their knowledge.

Strule Shared Education Campus is a landmark project for NI that will make a positive profound impact on society, it is the biggest infrastructure on the island at present.  The work is challenging and exciting.  I am actively assisting the contractor to ensure we are meeting targets in the first phase of the Lisanelly site redevelopment, and that social clauses are actively included in all our contracts.