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3PD Primary and Community Care Programme

The development of primary and community care infrastructure as part of the strategy for improving overall health and well-being.

Programme description

Primary and community care services are a key element in the delivery of health and social care in Northern Ireland. They provide approximately 85-90% of all health and social care treatments.

A service model, based on the co-location of Trust and GP led primary care services, was developed to support the direction of travel as set out in the “Transforming Your Care” (TYC) report of December 2011. This proposes a “shift-left” of the delivery of services from secondary care closer to people’s homes and in the community where appropriate.

In 2011, the Minister for Health, Social Services and Public Safety indicated that he wanted to see investment in the development of primary and community care infrastructure as part of the strategy for improving the overall health and well-being of the community and for improving the delivery of integrated primary, community and secondary care services.  Two pathfinder schemes (Newry and Lisburn) were identified to test the Third Party Developer (3PD) approach.

Project Status

The two pathfinder projects are at the preferred bidder stage with contract and award anticipated in the latter half of 2016.  Construction will commence when other statutory approvals (e.g. planning) have been secured.

In addition to the two pathfinder projects, the first tranche of loans under the £2.5m GP Loan scheme (utilising Financial Transactions Capital) were made in 2015/16. The scheme was extended with seven letters of offer totalling £5.6m by December 2015. This repayable investment in GP practices complements a programme of investment in large primary and community care hubs.

SIB Involvement

SIB has provided legal and financial/commercial advice and support throughout the process to the Southern and South Eastern Health and Social Care Trusts as well as the Health and Social Care Board and Department of Health.

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