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Asset Management Strategy

The efficient use of public assets, and effective asset management processes that unlock value.

Project Description


  • to reduce the net cost of service delivery through the efficient use of public assets
  • to promote effective asset management processes that unlock value

Key Achievements

  • Asset Management Unit established in September 2011
  • First set of Asset Management Plans completed by Departments in December 2012
  • Executive’s Asset Management Strategy approved in June 2013
  • First State of the Estate report published December 2013
  • Property controls introduced in July 2014
  • £51m invested in property invest to save projects by February 2015
  • £36m of annual resource savings achieved by March 2015
  • £156m of additional capital realised by March 2016
  • Asset Management professional Services Framework became operational in May 2016
  • Appointment of Asset Management Plan SRO’s by each Department


  • Asset Management Programme Board chaired by the First Minister and deputy First Minister
  • Asset Management Delivery Oversight through the NICS Board chaired by Head of Civil Service
  • Engagement through Finance Director’s Forum
  • Engagement through Asset Management Forum
  • Asset Management Unit with support from the Department of Finance co-ordinate the delivery of objectives
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