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Museum of Free Derry

Extending and developing exhibition spaces for the MoFD.

Project Description

MoFD was set up to tell the story of events that occurred in and impacted on the ‘Free Derry’ community in the latter part of 1960’s and early part of the 1970s, including the civil rights era and the background to it, the Battle of the Bogside, descent into conflict, internment, Free Derry and Bloody Sunday.

The Bloody Sunday Trust now wishes to implement the following works:

  • Ground floor: Extension of the existing ground floor area from 178m2 to 345m2. This will include an extension of the exhibition area to include all space within the current building.
  • First floor: Development of a new first floor with a total floor space of 160m2. The new first floor will involve the development of a classroom and contemplative space which can also be combined to create a conference and transient exhibition space and an archive and research area. A new public realm area will be created.

Project Status

  • June 2015: The project is currently at construction stage.

SIB Involvement

SIB acts as Project Sponsor/client side lead. The SIB Project Sponsor is the central point of contact between the funders, the Bloody Sunday Trust and IDT.

Museum of Free Derry Glenfada Park view final