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RUC GC Foundation – Policing Museum Project

The aim of the project is to create a new museum based on the wider history of policing in Ireland as a whole, rather than simply NI.

Project Description

The outcome of the Project will be a new Policing Museum based at police headquarters at Brooklyn, Knock Road, Belfast, and co-located with the memorial gardens for the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC and the Police Service of Northern Ireland. The RUC GC Foundation has been nominated as the delivery body for the museum and it is being funded mainly by a capital grant from the Department of Justice.

The aim is to create a new museum based on the wider history of policing in Ireland as a whole, rather than simply Northern Ireland; and in so doing, to commemorate the service of all police on the island of Ireland from the RIC, RUC and PSNI and their international significance. Through better understanding and educational outreach the Project will contribute to mutual understanding, promote reconciliation and provide a better understanding of policing.

Primary Benefits/Objectives

The benefits delivered by the project are expected to be:

  • To preserve and house the collections of objects and written material in appropriate, secure and environmentally stable conditions;
  • To provide modern display facilities for the collections;
  • To make the collections and the stories they can illuminate accessible to a wide audience;
  • To provide greater access for both research and educational visits;
  • To utilise the new museum for developing education and outreach programmes; and
  • To make the history of policing in Ireland more accessible to the local community and to a wider audience, nationally and internationally

Project Status

  • March 2015: This project is at the Design stage.

SIB Involvement

Two SIB Strategic Advisers have been appointed to act as Project Sponsors in support of the RUC GC Foundation, to progress the design and build component of the Project and also to provide strategic advice to the Foundation and the Department of Justice in shaping and resourcing the non-construction components of the Project necessary to bring the museum into existence on a sustainable basis.

Policing Museum - Entrance Sign