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ISNI is a rolling ten-year plan that sets out the Executive’s approach to planning, financing and delivering its programme of long-term infrastructure investment across the region. Its scope encompasses every area of government including education, health, transport and the environment.

It is developed alongside the Executive’s Programme for Government and the Budget as part of the Executive’s long-term planning. The current ISNI was published in the NI Assembly in October 2012 and includes total planned investment of £13.3 billion; with over £5 billion already delivered to date. ISNI is an important stimulus to the local construction industry.

ISNI 2011-21

The priorities for the next phase of the Investment Strategy are to:

  • support economic recovery and growth;
  • maximise the social benefits of investment;
  • invest to create opportunities and tackle disadvantage;
  • deliver high quality and efficient public services; and
  • protect our people and the environment.

As part of the ISNI process we manage the Delivery Tracking System DTS and the Executive’s ISNI Web Portal. This resource keeps suppliers and other stakeholder informed about the government’s infrastructure plans and ensures that the private sector is aware of the potential pipeline of activity.

We have developed expertise and techniques that assist departments when they are planning infrastructure.


For further information contact

Dr Martin Spollen – Head of Investment Strategy

M +44(0)7966 982363

E martin.spollen@sibni.org

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