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Belfast Region City Deal – Carrickfergus

An integrated programme of investment to regenerate, reposition and rebrand the town of Carrickfergus

Project Description

The Belfast City Region deal will see a total investment of up to £850m by the UK Government, Northern Ireland Executive, Queen’s University Belfast, Ulster University and local Councils over the next 15 years. Carrickfergus is well placed to make a significant contribution to the Northern Ireland economy.

The City Deal Objectives focus on increased economic activity and levels of employment, with a major uplift in visitor numbers. Investment in Carrickfergus will help the Causeway Coastal Route to function more effectively by attracting and holding visitors on its less frequented southern stretches and act as a ‘counterweight’ to the ever-popular Giant’s Causeway. Additionally, only being a short train ride from Belfast, it will encourage the growing number of city visitors to venture out and explore the region, thereby extending their stay and contribution to the economy.

It seeks to stimulate job creation and private sector investment across the region based on the four themes of Innovation & Digital, Tourism & Regeneration, Infrastructure and Employability & Skills.

The project contains 11 key elements including;

  • A visitor and community hub in harbour square adjacent to the Castle
  • Upgrade of the 12th Century Castle
  • Connecting the Castle back with the town
  • Reinstatement of the town walls
  • Revitalisation of the town centre
  • A lighting scheme around the castle and walls
  • Upgrade of the railway station
  • New cycle ways and walkways
  • Refurbishment of the radar tower
  • Rebranding of the town
  • Making Carrickfergus a destination in its own right incorporating the existing museum, flame gasworks and Andrew Jackson Cottages.

The project will realise the potential for Carrickfergus and make it a place where people want to visit, invest and live.

Project Status

The contract for funding was signed off in November 2022 and we are currently progressing towards full business case and the onsite delivery of the project.

SIB Involvement

SIB has been involved in the project since its inception in 2019 and has provided support at strategic case stage and now providing project management support to deliver the OBC.

For further information contact:

Jonathan Porter, Project Manager

M: 07825827999 E: Jonathan.Porter@sibni.org

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