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SIB support for Councils – Council Support Unit (CSU)

SIB’s work in supporting Councils was formalised following the Reform of Local Government in April 2015 and has been endorsed by TEO in line with its ‘letter of expectation’. The work is being taken forward on an ongoing basis across a number of programmes and projects of various scales and across a number of Council areas. The overarching aim of the CSU is to provide support to Councils on a ‘demand-led’ basis in areas where SIB has (or can readily obtain) expertise.

The Council Support Unit (CSU) was established in early 2016 following the formation of the 11 new Councils in 2015 and certain additional powers being transferred to local government. The process of engagement with Councils has resulted in a number of SIB Project Directors/Managers being embedded within several of the Councils to take forward key projects that Councils do not have the expertise or resources to take forward themselves. Strategic Advice has also been provided to Councils across a range of areas including Asset Management, Waste Management, Regeneration/Heritage projects and Infrastructure.


  • CSU was established in early 2016
  • In the 2019/20 year CSU had 7 staff embedded in 6 Councils
  • CSU staff are project managing more than 20 significant projects for Councils
  • Managing projects with a capital value of c. £350m in 2019/20
  • Supporting a range of City/Region Deal projects

SIB Involvement

The CSU seeks to facilitate optimum knowledge transfer to Councils, the provision of professional expertise and support to Councils, and promotes best value for money for the public purse. A core element of CSU’s work is to support Councils to achieve the outcomes in their Corporate Plans and Community Plans.

For further information contact:

Alan McVicker, Strategic Adviser & Head of Council Support Unit

E: alan.mcvicker@sibni.org

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