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Major Programmes & Projects

SIB supports departments, and their agencies, in delivering infrastructure programmes and projects. We currently support more than 50 programmes and projects across a wide range of business areas.

We are able to place staff with specialist experience, knowledge and skills into senior project management and advisory roles. We currently provide assistance, including research, consultancy and project management, to every government Department, agencies, non departmental public bodies and local authorities.

We add most value in complex projects where we can bring knowledge, skills and experience not usually found in the public sector. Our involvement is always with the aim of speeding delivery, reducing cost and risk and promoting good practice. Typical roles include:

  • Acting as interim Programme Director during the early stages of a programme;
  • Acting as Project Sponsors or Project Managers;
  • Advising on the commercial aspects of contracts;
  • Advising on procurement strategies;
  • Assisting in the production of business cases;
  • Advising on the suitability of alternative financing arrangements; and
  • Developing the market to encourage competition and drive out value for money.