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Social Investment Fund (SIF)

SIF is an £80m Executive intervention addressing deprivation and dereliction through strategic area based interventions.

Programme Description

The Social Investment Fund (SIF) Programme was a region wide programme with nine Social Investment Zones administered by the Executive Office (TEO).

SIF had four strategic objectives, namely:

  • Build pathways to employment – by tackling educational under achievement and barriers to employment, tackling skills deficits and promoting jobs brokerage, widening access to the labour market, promoting business start –up and increasing sustainability through social enterprise.
  • Tackle the systemic issues linked to deprivation – including poor mental and physical health, young unsupported parents, substance abuse, children and young people at risk and enhancing community capacity, confidence and partnership working to help reduce deprivation.
  • Increase community services – by regenerating and refurbishing existing facilities and providing play facilities and environmental improvements.
  • Address dereliction – promoting investment in the physical regeneration of deprived communities.

Programme Status

The fund ran until March 2023 when the final project was completed.  SIF delivered 65 projects across Northern Ireland with a value of £72.409 million.

SIB Involvement

SIB supported TEO through the provision of strategic advice on approval of Economic Appraisals, project governance, due diligence, the development of procurement strategies and a full project and contract management service during the delivery phase.

For further information contact:

Kenny Knox kenny.knox@sibni.org

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