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Tackling Paramilitary Activity, Criminality and Organised Crime Programme

The NI Executive’s programme designed to tackle all aspects of paramilitary activity, associated criminality and organised crime

Project Description

The Programme’s projects draw on expertise, data, and knowledge from lots of disciplines. Some projects prevent harm before it occurs (like a flexible education initiative to stop children being vulnerable to criminal exploitation); some aim to deal with harm immediately as it is happening – to stabilise the situation and prevent it worsening (like the multi-agency youth stream of a Support Hub to support young people who are at risk of being involved with, influenced by, or exploited by paramilitary gangs; and some projects are about reducing the long term impact of  paramilitarism and organised crime (for example young men who have previously been involved in paramilitary / criminal activity).

Projects are delivered through a network of 7 NI Civil Service (NICS) Departments, 22 statutory agencies, over 50 public sector and 180 community/voluntary sector organisations. The Programme has many different measurable indicators of progress that show the impact the Programme is having over time. These are measured at project, programme and strategic level.

Project Status

The Programme has operated since 2016 and is funded jointly by the NI Executive and UK Government. Phase 1, which ran to March 2021, focused on delivering 38 wide-ranging commitments in the original Executive Action Plan on paramilitarism, criminality and organised crime.  A comprehensive review of the Programme took place in 2020, leading to a new phase of the Programme (Phase 2) that started in April 2021. The Programme is currently funded until 2024.

SIB Involvement

SIB has provided specialist analytical and research support to develop the metrics that underpin performance measurement, ensuring that investment through the programme delivers benefits in communities. It also provides support in the form of a Programme Director.

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